Get the Costumes You Want in the Colors You Prefer arranges costumes by color so you can get the one you want. Whether you want a costume in your favorite color or just want to match someone else's, you can easily find what you want. You'll find some of the most popular costumes for infants, toddlers, girls, boys, women and men in a colorful array of fun for Halloween, birthday celebrations, costume parties and many other events.

Black Costumes

Speed Ninja Black Costume for BoySome of the popular black costumes for girls include the black panther costume and the Black Lola outfit from the Hannah Montanta collection. Of course, the boys like the black Power Ranger and the reversible Spiderman costume that can be worn in black or red. Fairy costumes are "in" but can you imagine a black fairy? One costume that seems to never be out of style is the Star Trek costume.

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Blue Costumes

Child Watercolor Fairy Costume BlueBlue may be the color cited most often as a favorite. The blue fairy costume and the Blue's Clues costumes for infants are just adorable. The NASA outfit is just one of many cute suits for toddlers. The blue ninja costume is a hot item among young boys and hard to keep in stock with such a high demand. Men can make for maritime merriment in either the blue pirates costume or the blue sailor suit. The are plenty of fashionable choices for young girls and women alike.

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Green Costumes

Greeen Tinkerbell Quality Dress AdultGhouls and goblins may come to your mind when you think of green Halloween costumes. Costumes by Color has a selection of really cool green costumes. There is the charming Tinker Bell costume and the Green Giant Sprout costume for spry little toddlers. This Green Grape Costume made of silky fabric will make you a juicy hit at your next party. The Green Elf costume for men is quite a funny sight.

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Pink Costumes

Butterfly Infant Costume for ToddlerPink is one of the most popular colors when it comes to costumes. No, there is nothing eirie or creepy about pink. Many of the infant costumes in pink are related to animals like the lamb and panther. The pink princess and pink fairy costumes are big hits among little girls while the pink Hannah Montana outfit is a hot item among older girls. Women will find the pink ladies Grease costume to be a trendy item.

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Red Costumes

Thing 1 Costume for Adult RedTop red costumes include the Clifford the Big Red Dog costume and the Little Red Riding Hood costume. As with many of the other colors, Power Rangers, Star Trek, Hannah Montana and ninjas are popular costumes. A unique red costume for men is the Michael Jackson Thriller costume with a reversible jacket. The suit comes in a shiny material. Women will find both the Maid Marian and the flapper costumes to be great choices.

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White Costumes

White Jr Astronaut Suit Costume for Toddler A couple of white costumes worn for Christmas are the white angels costumes and Mary costumes. They can also be used during Halloween. Or you can choose from popular white costumes such as the white princess or the white ninja. One animal costume available for both children and adults is the white rabbit costume. There is also the white tiger costume for adults and the polar bear suit for infants. Women will have a hard time picking between the Princess Leia and the Arwen costumes and men will like the G.I. Joe Storm Shadow or the really cool Lancelot costume.

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